What is Interlock Fabric?


It is a type of double-layer knitted fabric obtained by placing cylinder and cap needles perpendicular to each other and mutually on double plate circular knitting machines. Even if we stretch the interlock fabrics in the transverse direction, only the right loops are visible on both sides.

Interlock fabrics are:

- Front and back faces are smooth
- It has a dense structure
- It has a higher elasticity in the vertical direction compared to the horizontal direction.
- Dimensional stability and shape protection feature is high.
- Knitted fabrics with the highest weight can be obtained compared to other single yarn knitted fabrics.
- When subjected to tension, the loop tends to escape from one end.
- When there is air between the front and the back surface, it has better heat insulation properties. It keeps warmer than other single yarn knitted fabrics. - Due to the bulky structure of interlock knitted fabrics, its moisture absorption feature is good.

Underwear has a wide range of use in summer-winter and especially sporty, medical top clothing. It can also be used as technical protective textile.

To determine whether a fabric has an interlock or a rib, the fabric is stretched transversely, if the opposing loops are opposite each other, this is an interlock.
If it is full with a simple expression, it is interlock.
Ribana corresponds to empty, wasted.

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