What is Polar Fabric?


Polar Fabric is a set that is applied to the terry fabric floor, whose weave is not fully visible when viewed. These are knitted fabrics that feather both sides with processes, soft, plump, giving a feeling of warmth. Usually; It is used as a lining for sweatshirts, cardigans, coats and coats. It is a highly preferred type of fabric in baby clothing.

Polar Fabric Properties:

There are three types: Antipilling fleece fabric, fleece for lining and shaved fleece fabric .

Fleece fabrics are generally used in sweatshirts and pullover style dresses. Since it is widely used, there are hooded clothes named fleece. Hooded fleece, fleece zipper cardigan and fleece sweatshirt products are produced from 100 percent polar fabric.

In the public space, military fleece coat and are preferred as paramedic fleece in the health sector.

Tarih: 07 Nisan 2021 / 127 Read