What is Woven Fabric?


Woven Fabrics are fabrics that are formed in the way that two yarns are connected to each other at a right angle, called knitting, with a certain system. For this reason, it is also called a two-thread system. Those two yarn series that are in line with the length of the fabric are called warp, and those that are at the width of the fabric are called weft yarns.

Woven Fabric Properties:

- Fabrics can be produced for all seasons.
- It can be non-porous, sparse and open depending on the surface structure.
- It can be light as well as heavy fabrics such as cheesecloth.
- It has a stable structure. Flexible structure, that is, lycra is almost nonexistent.
- Handling rates vary according to the type of yarn used, the finishing process applied and the density of the yarns.
- It is strong since the distance between the threads is small.
- Many woven fabric types can be produced from all kinds of fibers.
- Since the knitting type is changeable, different patterns and types of fabrics can be produced.
- Wrinkling feature is high. Iron holding properties are also high.

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