About Us


As Polarciniz.com, we started as the brand of Yuteks Tekstil in Bursa in 1998. The reason I started this business is yes I am a manufacturing company but why I am not a brand why people consider fleece only as fabric since 1998, your Polarizer has become a brand now and now your polarizer is a quality it knows it is a brand. And we have never had this reputation; We have always provided and continue to provide quality production for we do not want to waste time.


Our Principles :

Qualified employees and teamwork,
Quality and efficiency in service,
Openness to advanced technology and development,
Abundantly equal,
Permanent customer satisfaction,

Our Vision
The international competition of Turkey in the international arena is increase,
To have the power to set the standards in production,
To provide a friendly producer service and to be a leading organization in this regard.

Our Mission
Contributing to the development of the textile sector,
To carry out the necessary R & D exercises that will help the continuity of development,
To contribute to the economy of the city and the country with production and employment,
Always aiming for quality, increasing productivity in the textile industry, making customers love their business, sharing the values gained with its customers, customers and society, contributing to a healthy and well-qualified and safe working environment. to be.

"Big minds speak ideas, mid brains talk events, small minds talk people."